How much do you charge? I charge an hourly rate similar to what area tutors charge. Call or email for details.

Do you work one-on-one or go back and forth via email with drafts? The process tends to be a little of both. Many people want me to sit with their teen and help brainstorm ideas or create an outline based on an idea that he already has. Then, the student writes the first draft on his own. This first draft can then be emailed to me, or shared on Google Docs, and I will edit the essay and provide feedback. Sometimes we go back and forth that way without meeting in person again, and sometimes I meet with students to help them incorporate edits and suggestions. 

Will you write my teen's essay? No, I don't write essays for clients, I help them write their best essay. The essay has to sound like a teen wrote it. Admissions officers can tell when an essay sounds too polished.

Will you submit my teen's essay or application? No, your teen is responsible for submitting her essay along with the rest of her college application.

Can you guarantee my teen will get into his first-choice school? No. While using The Essay Specialist to improve your teen's essay can bring him closer to getting into his dream school, there are no guarantees of admission.