Getting into college just keeps getting more difficult. With so many qualified applicants, stellar grades, test scores and extracurriculars aren't enough. An excellent essay can make your application stand out and take you from a "Maybe" to a "Yes!" The Essay Specialist can help you write your best essay.



I'll help you brainstorm to come up with a winning idea.


Getting started can be challenging. Many students panic about choosing a theme or wonder how they should answer a particular common application essay question. I'll take you through a useful brainstorming process to identify what's unique about you, what drives you and where you excel. Together, we'll identify what you should focus on.

I'll provide helpful feedback on your first draft.

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Once you've written your first draft, I'll read it and provide specific feedback on how you can improve it. Some of the things I'll be looking for include: Did the beginning hook me? Is it well-organized? Are there parts that don't make sense? Does it convey what you want it to convey about yourself? Does it answer the question posed by the prompt? Does it seem sincere?

I'll do a final proofread so your essay is error-free.


You've read and re-read your essay. Now let me read it, because the more you read the same thing, the less likely you are to spot common errors that don't show up in your computer's spelling and grammar checks, like missing words. I'll make sure your essay is free of mistakes. The last thing you want is a typo making your well-crafted essay look sloppy.